Welcome to the"Sunny Exotics"

“Sunny Exotics Ltd ” based in Birmingham UK, is the among the best fruit & vegetable importers, wholesalers and distributors in Midlands. Our business aim is to give full professional and satisfied services to our customers. Symbol of Best Quality in Fresh Fruit & Vegetable of Asian and Afro-Caribbean Produce.
Sunny international Deals in all kind of fruits including but not limited to Apple, Mango, Kino, Apricot, Plum, litchi, Peaches, Pear Grape, Guava and Strawberry. We also deals in vegetable including Peas, Carrot, Arvi, Okra, Fresh Beans, Potato, Long Goud, Squash, Egg Plant, Tory (Lufa), Sugar Cane Pieces, Bitter Gourd, Yard long Beans, Broccoli Chinese Cabbage, Ice Berg etc..
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    We provide the best quality fruits and vegetables to all our clients which serve as the basis of our reliability.

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    We always strive for satisfaction of our customer while fulfilling all requirements as per order of our clients.

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    Always Fresh

    We can grow and supply fresh Vegetables on specific demand of our clients. Satisfaction and Confidence of our Customers in the international market is our success.

It is a pleaure working with Sunny Exotics and have always been a tremendous experience on all business opportunities
Remarkable services and always fresh products from the best suppliers in the UNITED KINGDOM. Highly Recommended !
Sunny Exotics truly deliver its best to the experience provided and is the best company for all your Fruits, Vegetables and Afro Caribbean needs

Why choose us

We are a leading independent fruit and vegetable importers. We're established suppliers of a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables to the wholesale market.

Quality & Safety

We regularly undergo a rigorous quality control procedure by our team of specially trained staff


We work with the very best suppliers throughout the world that produce the highest quality fruit and vegetables available


We have over years of experience in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry and pride ourselves on our strong relationships with our suppliers and clients

Meet our team

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Rosina Kausar

Admin Assistant/ Receptionist


Food Representative